Wednesday 24 October 2012

Why do you want to join this project?

Some of the things the UK group said...

I have loved football since I was young and to be able to able to see a different type of culture when it comes to people from another country would be great for me to experience and also to show them what the culture of football is like in this country. Also being a representative of my own school would be a great opportunity as I feel as though I could be a great ambassador of my school and the sport that I cannot go a day without thinking of.

It would be an honour to be involved in a project like this. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I wouldn't want to miss out. Also I'd love to learn about different cultures and increase my awareness on children's human rights, especially as I have Palestinian friends, I believe it would be beneficial for me (not to forget I love football). It would make me a much better ambassador for Hampstead School.

I have a great passion for football and to have the opportunity to play football with people from different backgrounds would be a privilege.

 I'm very sporty. I play a lot of football for many years it has been my number one passion and I reckon I would benefit a lot
I have a great passion for football and to have th

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